Android Tide Calculator Apps : "Tide Now"

NOTICE: 1/13/2016 The are reports of trouble with the new CA app. Tide Now CA. If you have trouble I would appreciate an email tide.now@gmail.com

Anyway if you are having trouble I suggest you uninstall the app then reinstall it. The update is a major one, and the region and station info has changed all around and some combinations are now invalid. This could break the favorites function.



Written and Published by Lawrence Freytag

Washington State, Oregon, California and Alaska versions are available. Free on Google Play

Application Titles: "Tide Now WA", "Tide Now OR", "Tide Now CA", "Tide Now AK"

PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY (tide.now@gmail.com) with any concern, question, or suggestion; I actively support these apps with email and phone.

USING THE PLAY STORE is not so good because I can't reach you and get it fixed.





Features of Tide Now App

Self Contained This app does not use the internet to get its results. It performs its function purely by calculation. It will work on a phone or a tablet in or out of range of communications.
Quick Simple and Clean Predictions are quick and the app is simple to use and understand. Gestures are supported for looking at the next and prior day tides. There are no ads and app cannot access phone features. The app is small, under 300 KB, varies by state.
Simple User Options There are controls for the user, provided on the action bar and settings menu, to set it up as desired.
Phone or Tablet The app works on any Android device at level 4 or above, many phones and tablets are supported. Depending on the nature of your android device, the landscape or portrait mode display may present a more useful size.
Accurate Predictions This app was written using well-known tidal prediction algorithms and publicly available location data. It can be expected to match very closely to federally-published tide tables. It uses the "Harmonic Prediction of Tides" methodology in long use for tide elevation predictions.
Designed for On The Spot Use The tidal status presentation gives an immediate snapshot of the tide situation, more useful than just a standard list of highs and lows. The display can be refreshed at any time to update this status. This app is designed for use while actively out and about along the waterfront. It uses large text and the white on black text choice is easily read on the bright sun.

200 Year Calendar

In addition to today's tides, a date picker is available to choose any date from 1901 to 2100. The app does not have to be refreshed on the new year.
Next Day, Prior Day Swipes Gestures are supported to go to "next day" and "past day" to step day by day through a range of dates. These operate like turning the page of a book. You can quickly swipe through a range of dates to look for good clam digging days.
Favorites The selected station can be added to a set of eight favorites. These can be accessed by a down-swipe.
Adjustable Colors There are five color schemes, good for situations ranging from bright sun to night use. Try each one out depending in which conditions you use the app you can find one that works best.
Daylight Hours The graph indicates by the background colors, the hours of daylight for the date of prediction. You can plan your day by hours of available beach and visibility.
Numerous Tide Stations

Each state app is broken down to regions and stations depending on the state. The design is oriented to names on the ground, suitable for non expert users.


Disclaimer/Scope of Tide Now App

The application is built specifically for the state, WA, OR, CA, or AK.The tide predictions, being made on the client's phone or tablet, are impossible to guarantee as correct.

Each graph includes a NOAA station number on the right side which can be used to refer to official tide tables if there is any concern.

Please contact me with any concern, question, or suggestion; I actively support these apps with email or phone as necessary.

Command Icons, Menu and Gestures

The LOCATION ICON on the action bar allows you to specify which location you want the tides for. When pressed it will give a choice of regions, when one is selected then you will get a choice of stations within that region.

The DATE ICON on the action bar allows you to enter a date, if you are considering days other than today such as planning a clamming trip. Normally you can leave this alone otherwise.

The REFRESH ICON brings the display to the present date and time. If you have changed the date, this will restore the date to the present date. If the app has been sitting idle for some time, you might want to press the refresh to update the current tide status and time mark on the graph. These change throughout the day.

Menu Item ADD STATION TO FAVORITES. This command allows you to choose one of eight shortcut locations for the presently selected station.

Menu Item GMAP STATION (Internet). This command passes the presently selected station's geographic coordinates to Google Maps App (if installed). A map is shown which is centered on the stations defined location. This will not work if the internet is not available.

Menu Item CHANGE COLOR SCHEME. You can select a color scheme that suites you and the time of day. (See below).

Menu Item ABOUT GESTURES. This command lists the three gestures available; if you select one it will perform that gesture as an example.

SWIPE LEFT (NEXT DAY) Gesture. Shows tomorrows ( or next day's tide ).

SWIPE RIGHT (PRIOR DAY) Gesture. Shows yesterday's (or previous day's tide).

SWIPE DOWN FAVORITES MENU Gesture. Shows the eight defined favorites or shortcuts. Touching one of them will change the app so it displays that station.


Color Schemes



Please refer to the Google Play entry for the particular app you are interested in or are using. It will lists each region and station.